Chapter 3 – Jirga , Kandahar

Sample pages from  ” Sahyadris to Hindukush “ Chapter 3 — Jirga , Kandahar   The dry brown-red cedar leaf crunched under the horse’s hoof, splintering into a hundred pieces with a distinct crackle. Rehmat Khan Barakzai, astride the sturdy Arabian horse, wrapped his keffiyah closer to his face, to protect himself from the chilly autumn winds that had begun to blow across the Afghan city of Kandahar. He looked across the barren landscape, a drab mixture of  grey , light brown and yellow. Here and there, the spruce and deodar trees sprang out of the ground, bereft of leaves, … Continue reading Chapter 3 – Jirga , Kandahar

Peshwa Bajirao v/s Mohammed Khan Bangash – Bundelkhand , 1729

Unfortunately, while a few popular books and now one popular movie has been produced on Peshwa’s love affair, the actual conquest of Bundelkhand by Peshwa Bajirao and its importance has somehow been lost. Here is my small attempt to rectify the same. The strategic importance of Bundelkhand —  The region of Bundelkhand is located on the border of today’s Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. As the below map will show, it borders the Malwa and Terai on the west and south , the very important Ganga – Jamuna doab on the east and ofcourse the capital Delhi to the north. … Continue reading Peshwa Bajirao v/s Mohammed Khan Bangash – Bundelkhand , 1729