A book about the pivotal battles fought by the Maratha Empire from 1659 to 1818. An engrossing read. While much has been written on this topic, Aneesh takes us to the lesser known yet important battles and campaigns which dictated politics in this country for two centuries. - Smt Yashodhara Raje Scindia "A wonderfully readable... Continue Reading →

The second edition of my book Battles of the Maratha Empire is now out. Covers important battles from the days of Chhatrapati Shivaji to the fall of the Maratha Empire. Read about Pratapgad, Salher,Palkhed, Rakshasbhuvan, Kharda, Delhi, Laswari, Panipat in a single volume. Purchase at : Battles of the Maratha Empire The newer edition incorporates... Continue Reading →

In this article, originally published in IndiaFacts website, I take a look at the laughable nonsense in a NCERT textbook passing off as "facts" . Photos of relevant pages have been added and a fact based refutal follows. This article details how the British could gain supremacy only after fighting many battles against the Marathas... Continue Reading →

A long drawn battle took place between the British East India Company and the Marathas under Nana Phadnavis in the monsoon of 1780 for the control of Malanggad , also known as Haji Malang – famous for an old dargah of that name which is situated on the hill . It is a prominent landmark... Continue Reading →

Sahyadris to Hindukush – The Maratha Conquest of Lahore and Attock Second edition !!! Pgs : 187 Price : Rs 200 Purchase on FLIPKART Purchase on Amazon India Interview in DNA viz Sahyadris to Hindukush ‘A historical novel describing the rise and spread of the Maratha empire , culminating in the conquest of Attock ,... Continue Reading →

Sample pages from  ” Sahyadris to Hindukush “ Chapter 3 — Jirga , Kandahar   The dry brown-red cedar leaf crunched under the horse’s hoof, splintering into a hundred pieces with a distinct crackle. Rehmat Khan Barakzai, astride the sturdy Arabian horse, wrapped his keffiyah closer to his face, to protect himself from the chilly... Continue Reading →

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