The Battle of Salher – 1672

This is sample chapter from my latest book ” Battles of the Maratha Empire” . The full book covers many more such pivotal battles – Pratapgad, Palkhed, Panipat, Rakshasbhuvan , Laswari and more. To know more / purchase visit Amazon India ————————— Mughals were thought to be invincible in an open field battle. But FebruaryContinue reading “The Battle of Salher – 1672”

Rudra Singha – Plan to invade Bengal

The great Ahom king Rudra Singha had mobilised 4 lakh soldiers to invade Mughal-ruled Bengal, but his untimely death at Guwahati stalled the campaign Read my full article in DNA Newspaper  – Rudra Singha Check out my book on Lachit Barphukan at Amazon India