What happened to Jaichand of Kannauj ?

Jaichand is today a name synonymous with treachery. But what exactly did he gain by siding with Ghori ? A comfortable life one would reckon ? Find out in this article by me , published in DNA -->  What happened to Jaichand of Kannauj

Khushal Khan Khattak v/s Aurangzeb – North West Frontier , 1670s

A : Hasan Abdal . B: Peshawar C : Jamrud D: Ali Masjid . E : Kabul  May I tell you the secrets of my heart? Khushal Khan likes that grave where the dust of Mughal’s horse’s boots could not fall. Khushal Khan Khattak Khushal Khan Khattak was born around 1613 at a place called … Continue reading Khushal Khan Khattak v/s Aurangzeb – North West Frontier , 1670s

Chapter 3 – Jirga , Kandahar

Sample pages from  ” Sahyadris to Hindukush “ Chapter 3 — Jirga , Kandahar   The dry brown-red cedar leaf crunched under the horse’s hoof, splintering into a hundred pieces with a distinct crackle. Rehmat Khan Barakzai, astride the sturdy Arabian horse, wrapped his keffiyah closer to his face, to protect himself from the chilly … Continue reading Chapter 3 – Jirga , Kandahar