Book : Battles of the Maratha Empire

Pages : 290

Price : Rs 400


Praise for the book :

“A wonderfully readable collection of essays about the Maratha era. The collection is an important antidote to the mainstream narrative that the British conquered India from the Mughals; a story-line that was deliberately created in the colonial era to suggest that India was always an enslaved country. Aneesh has deftly torn down this biased history to present a vivid picture of dogged resistance against waves of foreign colonizers.”

– Renowned author Sanjeev Sanyal 

“Painstakingly meticulous research and eminently lucid narration are hallmarks of Aneesh’s writing. He is doing yeoman service, by filling some of the abysmal gaps in our knowledge about our own rich history” 

= Lt Col Rohit Agarwal (Retd)

List of battles covered : Battles of Maratha Empire

Sample chapter :  Chhatrapati Shivaji v/s Mughals , Salher , 1672.

This book charts a journey , from the Battle of Pratapgad and Salher, through the battles of Palkhed , Rakshasbhuvan , Delhi , Laswari and Wadgaon and a dozen more . In it, we see the rise and fall of the Maratha empire. In part adapted from articles by me published in various publications  online,  each chapter has been revamped and over thirty maps included.

17 thoughts on “Battles of Maratha Empire

  1. Hello Aneesh,
    I have not got the NEFT link for payment even after selecting NEFT.


  2. It is really heartening to see a book on a little known, but brave hero of Indian history. I was told the story of Lachit Barphukan when I was a kid and considered myself lucky to have heard the story. It is really good to see a book dedicated to the unsung hero.


  3. Very impressed with Aneesh’s detailing of historical facts, lucidity of language & flow of narration when I read “The Story of Lachit Barphukan”. Waiting to read the “Battles of Maratha Empire”.


      1. Hey aneesh i want to talk about something serious topic with you about misrepresentation of your works by anti hindu elements .


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