Unknown Battles of Maratha Empire

A series of write ups by me , each encapsulating battles fought by Marathas. These include three in the Post Panipat period – including famous victories such as Kharda and Wadgaon.

Followed by three battles of Bajirao and the magnificient Vasai campaign of Chimaji Appa.

And finally we end with a long list of battles fought under Chhatrapati Sambhaji.

1795 : Marathas v/s Nizam – Kharda

1780 – Haji Malang : Marathas v/s British

1779 – Battle of Wadgaon – Marathas v/s British

Bajirao series :

1739 – Marathas v/s Portuguese – Vasai

1738 – Peshwa Bajirao v/s Nizam – Bhopal

1737 – Peshwa Bajirao v/s Mughals – Delhi

1729 – Peshwa Bajirao v/s Mohammed Khan Bangash – Bundelkhand

Maratha War of Independence

Chhatrapati Sambhaji – Battles fought

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