Peshwa Bajirao v/s Mohammed Khan Bangash – Bundelkhand , 1729

Unfortunately, while a few popular books and now one popular movie has been produced on Peshwa’s love affair, the actual conquest of Bundelkhand by Peshwa Bajirao and its importance has somehow been lost. Here is my small attempt to rectify the same. The strategic importance of Bundelkhand —  The region of Bundelkhand is located on the border of today’s Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. As the below map will show, it borders the Malwa and Terai on the west and south , the very important Ganga – Jamuna doab on the east and ofcourse the capital Delhi to the north. … Continue reading Peshwa Bajirao v/s Mohammed Khan Bangash – Bundelkhand , 1729

Marathas v/s Portuguese – Vasai , May 1739.

The Marathas , under Chimaji Appa , laid seige to this Portuguese stronghold on the western coast of India during 1737 – 1739 . A resounding victory followed, ensuring that the Maratha empire continued to dominate Maharashtra’s coastline. Another feather in Peshwa Bajirao’s cap. The final celebrated assault on the fort at Vasai happened around 16th of May 1739. Background : The reasons for the Maratha – Portuguese conflict to break out in the second half of the 1730s. Primary was the help the Portuguese had given to the Siddi of Janjira some time prior. Also, Peshwa Bajirao wanted to build … Continue reading Marathas v/s Portuguese – Vasai , May 1739.