The Idea of India !

The Evolving Idea of India – Revisiting History The following write up of mine was published in a publication by IPPAI ­ a Delhi based organisation / think tank . Was also invited to speak at their Goa seminar (IPPAI’s Regulator’s and Policymakers Retreat , Marriot Hotel , Goa) but couldn’t make it unfortunately. ExtremelyContinue reading “The Idea of India !”

Do current India see themselves as the successor to the Mughal empire (Muslim) or Maratha empire (Hindu)?

This was a question first posted to me on quora .. well here is my answer This is an extremely good question. And one must understand that it is rhetorical, not literal. The methods of governance today, infact the road to Delhi itself is fundamentally different from that during Mughal and Maratha empire times. BackContinue reading “Do current India see themselves as the successor to the Mughal empire (Muslim) or Maratha empire (Hindu)?”


Question by a friend of mine got me started on this topic . Every era and rule leaves some or the other lasting impact on the region it thrives in , and the same is true for Maratha rule of 18th century India . Their domination of the Indian sub continent for around a centuryContinue reading “EFFECT OF MARATHA RULE ON INDIAN POLITICS –”

Lachit Barphukan & Religion – A rebuttal to Commie deception.

Originally posted on storieswithasoul:
Hi friends, the following is an interview of author Aneesh Gokhale, on his second novel ‘Brahmaputra – The story of Lachit Barphukan’ . The novel is generating great reviews and is an excellent follow up to his first novel ‘Sahyadris to Hindukush’. About the Author : Aneesh Gokhale, born March 1988,…