Amazing journey of the Nassak diamond

We have all heard of the Kohinoor , this article tells the tale of the lesser known ” Nassak diamond” In a span of about 150 years, it had travelled from the Trimbakeshwar temple at Nashik to being in the personal possession of over a dozen people spread across three continents and at least sixContinue reading “Amazing journey of the Nassak diamond”

Jagannath Puri – Survivor of 18 invasions

This article, published in Indiafacts , is a summary of the eighteen invasions the temple of Jagannath at Puri had to bear. The overwhelming majority of them in the medieval ages. Read the full article at : Indiafacts – Jagannath Puri Check out the author’s books on Indian history at Amazon India 

Kapilendradeva: An invincible Odia king

The founder of the Gajapati dynasty ascended the throne at Bhubaneswar in 1435 AD. Fighting numerous wars in all directions, his empire eventually would include all of today’s Odisha, as well as parts of Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. Who was this great unknown king ? Read my full article in DNA —Continue reading “Kapilendradeva: An invincible Odia king”

Savarkar – The Historian

I do not consider myself an expert on Savarkar and his work, but have an avid interest in India’s history. In that capacity, Veer Savarkar’s books are among my favourites when it comes to ‘the way history is told’. Read my full article about Veer Savarkar’s outlook towards Indian history at  Swarajya Magazine My booksContinue reading “Savarkar – The Historian”

The Forgotten King – Hemu

Hemchandra conquered Delhi and Agra . He won twenty two consecutive battles against the Mughals. He was crowned as a monarch and took the title “Vikramaditya” Read the full article published in DNA : The Forgotten King Do check out my books at Amazon India

Defeat of the 8th century Arab invasion

For three centuries from 712 AD to 1001 AD, Indian kings kept Arab invaders at bay ! A totally unknown part of history , how an arc of Indian kings from Kashmir to Karnatak kept invaders at bay. The full article was published on DNA . Read here : Defeat of Arab invasion Check out myContinue reading “Defeat of the 8th century Arab invasion”

The Curious Case of Jodhpur

How Sardar Patel tore up Jinnah’s “blank cheque” and averted Jodhpur’s possible merger with Pakistan Read the full article, which was published in DNA – Curious case of Jodhpur Check out my books on Maratha and Assamese history at Amazon India

Sayajirao Gaekwad III – Maker of Modern Baroda

Sayajirao ushered in progressive reforms and modern amenities and towered over the other princes loyal to the British Raj Read the full article which I wrote for DNA – Sayajirao Gaekwad Check out my books at Amazon India

Maratha – Rajput relations in 18th century- A complete mess

The fractured and disjointed nature of the events in this part of the country showed me the limits of a historical novel . I did not have the luxury of putting a title on top – Marathas and Rajputs – and then blazing away with all facts and figures .  Through this blog post ,Continue reading “Maratha – Rajput relations in 18th century- A complete mess”