The Battle of Salher – 1672

This is sample chapter from my latest book ” Battles of the Maratha Empire” . The full book covers many more such pivotal battles – Pratapgad, Palkhed, Panipat, Rakshasbhuvan , Laswari and more. To know more / purchase visit Amazon India ————————— Mughals were thought to be invincible in an open field battle. But FebruaryContinue reading “The Battle of Salher – 1672”

What happened to Jaichand of Kannauj ?

Jaichand is today a name synonymous with treachery. But what exactly did he gain by siding with Ghori ? A comfortable life one would reckon ? Find out in this article by me , published in DNA –>  What happened to Jaichand of Kannauj

The Forgotten King – Hemu

Hemchandra conquered Delhi and Agra . He won twenty two consecutive battles against the Mughals. He was crowned as a monarch and took the title “Vikramaditya” Read the full article published in DNA : The Forgotten King Do check out my books at Amazon India

Marathas : Administration and finances in the 18th century

 So you actually clicked on that title !! Wow ! That’s  quite amazing . I hope you can brave it out till the end of this blog .Well , would just like to discuss the basics of administration , finances etc in the 18th century . The boring jobs that the Peshwa and others didContinue reading “Marathas : Administration and finances in the 18th century”

Maratha – Rajput relations in 18th century- A complete mess

The fractured and disjointed nature of the events in this part of the country showed me the limits of a historical novel . I did not have the luxury of putting a title on top – Marathas and Rajputs – and then blazing away with all facts and figures .  Through this blog post ,Continue reading “Maratha – Rajput relations in 18th century- A complete mess”

Chhatrapati Shivaji -An inspiration for many generations

Chhatrapati Shivaji was one of the greatest men to be born in this country. His exemplary vision and courage gave us “swarajya” from the clutches of the Mughals and Turkic sultanates. A lot has been written about his prowess on the battlefield the incidents involving Afzal Khan, Shaiste Khan, the battle at Kolhapur, the siegeContinue reading “Chhatrapati Shivaji -An inspiration for many generations”