A : Hasan Abdal . B: Peshawar C : Jamrud D: Ali Masjid . E : Kabul  May I tell you the secrets of my heart? Khushal Khan likes that grave where the dust of Mughal’s horse’s boots could not fall. Khushal Khan Khattak Khushal Khan Khattak was born around 1613 at a place called... Continue Reading →

Many will be surprised to know that Ahmed Shah Abdali is regarded as the ‘ Father of the nation ‘ by all of Afghanistan . This post will try to examine as to how did Abdali come to acquire this exalted status amongst his country men . If merely imperialism was the key , then... Continue Reading →

The Evolving Idea of India – Revisiting History The following write up of mine was published in a publication by IPPAI ­ a Delhi based organisation / think tank . Was also invited to speak at their Goa seminar (IPPAI's Regulator's and Policymakers Retreat , Marriot Hotel , Goa) but couldn't make it unfortunately. Extremely... Continue Reading →

This was a question first posted to me on quora .. well here is my answer This is an extremely good question. And one must understand that it is rhetorical, not literal. The methods of governance today, infact the road to Delhi itself is fundamentally different from that during Mughal and Maratha empire times. Back... Continue Reading →

Aneesh Gokhale is the author of "Brahmaputra" - The Story of Lachit Barphukan . The book is about the Assam - Mughal war of the 1660s.

Maratha Empire – The Panipat Fixation.

I want to speak here about the third battle of Panipat and the disproportionate importance it has in our knowledge and understanding of India’s history. There are more pages written about 14th January 1761 than there are on the eighty years preceding it or the forty years following it.


Zahir ud din  Babur arrived from faraway Samarkand in 1526 and annihilated Ibrahim Lodi’s army at Panipat . Lodi was no pushover . What made the difference ? Babur’s guns , the likes of which the Indian sub continent had never seen . Thanks to superior artillery , a person known more for his skills... Continue Reading →

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