Rudra Singha – Plan to invade Bengal

The great Ahom king Rudra Singha had mobilised 4 lakh soldiers to invade Mughal-ruled Bengal, but his untimely death at Guwahati stalled the campaign Read my full article in DNA Newspaper  – Rudra Singha Check out my book on Lachit Barphukan at Amazon India

Sayajirao Gaekwad III – Maker of Modern Baroda

Sayajirao ushered in progressive reforms and modern amenities and towered over the other princes loyal to the British Raj Read the full article which I wrote for DNA – Sayajirao Gaekwad Check out my books at Amazon India

Aneesh Gokhale articles in DNA Newspaper

I  write a fort – nightly column for DNA Newspaper which is based out of Mumbai. Through these, I try to present a view of history not usually covered in school textbooks, hence the name #Alternate Histories. Short essays about little known facts spanning the length and breadth of both space and time. Please followContinue reading “Aneesh Gokhale articles in DNA Newspaper”