Aneesh Gokhale’s books :

“Battles of the Maratha Empire” is now available on Amazon India 

Purchase the Kindle version  Here.

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Praise for  the book :
“A wonderfully readable collection of essays about the Maratha era. The collection is an important antidote to the mainstream narrative that the British conquered India from the Mughals; a story-line that was deliberately created in the colonial era to suggest that India was always an enslaved country.  Aneesh has deftly torn down this biased history to present a vivid picture of dogged resistance against waves of foreign colonizers.” 
— Renowned author Sanjeev Sanyal 
Painstakingly meticulous research and eminently lucid narration are hallmarks of Aneesh’s writing. He is doing yoeman service by filling some of the abysmal gaps in our knowledge about our own rich history” 
— Lt Col Rohit Agarwal (Retd) 
Aneesh Gokhale’s latest book mentioned and praised by renowned authors Amish Tripathi and Sanjeev Sanyal 



Hindavi Swarajya was born in the Sahyadris, and courtesy battles at Pratapgad, Salher, Palkhed, Bhopal, Delhi, Rakshasbhuvan, Kharda and many more places it managed to expand all the way to Attock on the Indus and Cuttack on the Mahanadi. These battles also showed the political supremacy of the Maratha Empire over eighteenth century India. Finally, it was only on the fall of the Sahyadri Hill Forts that the EIC could claim complete superiority.

Follow the journey of the Maratha Empire through a series of battles involving strategy, planning, ingenuity and pure military genius.



Brahmaputra – The Story of Lachit Barphukan, Assamese contemporary of Chhatrapati Shivaji

Brahmaputra is the story of a brave Assamese general known as Lachit Barphukan, who fought and defeated the Mughals in Assam ! His greatness is two fold – first in driving out the Mughals who had occupied Guwahati and then, defending it successfully against an invasion mounted by Ram Singh, a Mughal general sent by Aurangzeb. This story is unique for another aspect – the battlefield was not a plain ground or forests or hills, but a river ! The Brahmaputra is central to the Lachit Barphukan story.

” It was awe-inspiring to read this book on the life and times of a true hero of the country – Lachit Barphukan”

– Padmashree Achyut Madhav Gokhale (IAS)

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