Battles of the Maratha Empire – Important letters and quotes.

The second edition of my book Battles of the Maratha Empire is now out. Covers important battles from the days of Chhatrapati Shivaji to the fall of the Maratha Empire. Read about Pratapgad, Salher,Palkhed, Rakshasbhuvan, Kharda, Delhi, Laswari, Panipat in a single volume.

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The newer edition incorporates a number of letters from contemporary sources, to go with the relevant chapters. Do go through them to enrich your experience if you have read the first edition. I hope these letters pique your interest in Battles of the Maratha Empire.

Battle of Pratapgarh – Translation of a document describing the killing of Afzal Khan
Chhatrapati Rajaram dreams of conquering Delhi and assigns rewards to Hanmantrao and Krishnaji Ghorpade towards that end. Rajaram also says ” You (Hanmantrao) are desirous of entering my service and upholding Maharashtra dharm!. Also details of rewards for conquest of Raigad, Bijapur, Aurangabad , Hyderabad. (June 1691)
Battle of Palkhed – Chhatrapati Shahu expresses his joy at the defeat of the Nizam. Says they are loyal and dedicated to him, and are hence crowned with success. (Ref : Peshwa Daftar)
The second sack of Surat under Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1670. Contemporary description from the English Factory Records.
Rajshri Raau (Bajirao)
You (Bajirao) wrote that as the news of Mr Bhivrao crossing Yamuna conveyed to Delhi, Sadatkhan took orders from Badshah and invaded Bhivrao’s forces. Similarly, Abhaysinh also asked to get back to his province, he’ll reach soon. Mongals aren’t strong enough now. Only Qamaruddin Khan stays behind. Khandauran and Jaysing are together, and have Badshah’s support with them. As soon as Abhaysinh steps out of Delhi and comes closer, you will be meeting him; I (Chimaji) belive you’ve been always strong and destined to get everything (your opponents shall always be degraded). It is good that Mongals have become weak; and you also have strong hold on that province (north). This is the reason why everyone from Delhi Durbar expect mercy & appraisal from you. Going further, each one of them will step forward as how you wish them to do. May god fulfil your wish, whatever you have in your mind, you will get it. Regardsā€¦
Chimaji Appa’s victory over the Portuguese. Letter detailing the Terms of Capitulation. (Ref : Selections from Bombay Secretariat, Mahratta Series , GW Forrest)

Battle of Rakshasbhuvan (1763)

Salutations to Rajshri Haripant from your subordinate Naro Krishna.

Wished to inform you of the happenings of Tuesday eighth in the month of Shravan. Nawab Nizam Ali Khan was headed towards his camp at Aurangabad by crossing the Ganga (Godavari / Dakshin Ganga) at Rakshasbhuvan. Seeing an opportunity, the Peshwa attacked him ferociously and obtained much loot after defeating him. Several important Mogul (Nizam’s) sardars were killed. The Nizam himself just about saved his life by escaping. This whole episode has gladdened us no end, it is difficult to explain in words. The Nizam was defeated, thus our reputation has grown in the Deccan and in Hindustan. A victory was scored over the enemy.
Mahadji Scindia dictates terms to the Mughal emperor , March 1771. (Ref : Calendar of Persian Correspondence)
The East India Company being welcome into Delhi by the Mughal emperor.

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