Battle of Delhi – Marathas v/s British (1803)

It is generally assumed that India went from the Mughals to the British in the nineteenth century. Nothing could be farther than the truth. For it was the Maratha empire that governed much of the land and the Mughal emperor had been reduced to a mere figurehead. In fact, hardly any battle was fought between the British and the Mughals, save perhaps for Buxar in 1765. It was the Marathas that the East India Company fought – at Adas, at Assaye, at Laswari and at Delhi – to name a few out of the dozens of battles fought between the two. Hundreds of soldiers belonging to Daulatrao Scindia, Yashwantrao Holkar, Bajirao Peshwa (II) were martyred on the battlefield before the British could claim supremacy.

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British captured Delhi from Marathas


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