Marathas and Bundelkhand Part III : Govindpant Bundele & Panipat !

In the 3rd part of this series, Aneesh Gokhale explores Maratha activities in Bundelkhand in the lead up to the great event known as the Third Battle of Panipat.

Said Govindpant :

“Hindustan requires a strong, permanent Maratha army. Only then can order be maintained. The whole area from Bundelkhand to Antarved must be strongly secured. Delhi is a chaotic place, all powers that be have their eyes on it. Maratha sardars and subhedars come north but then return with their armies. But for maintaining peace in Bundelkhand and our grip on Hindustan, an army of twenty thousand is needed at all times. These shall be well trained and regular soldiers under our pay, not irregular troops living by looting the land. Only then can peace be maintained for a long time and tribute obtained peacefully.”

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