Author’s Interview on ‘ Brahmaputra’

Here is Aneesh Gokhale’s online interview – conducted by Sumukh Naik , author and blogger.

//Hi friends, the following is an interview of author Aneesh Gokhale, on his second novel ‘Brahmaputra – The story of Lachit Barphukan’ . The novel is generating great reviews and is an excellent follow up to his first novel ‘Sahyadris to Hindukush’.

How difficult was it to look for study material and reliable historic sources to understand the times of Lachit Barphukan? How did you go about preparing yourself to compose the novel?

As compared to my earlier book , which was on Maratha history, sources of information were difficult to find. I got a few from online stores. Two very useful books by SK Bhuyan I had to specially order from Guwahati , and trouble an acquaintance with finding and sending them etc ! It was only when I went to Guwahati and scoured a dozen bookshops in the old city area that I was able to get my hands on some very good books about medieval Assam. A visit to the Centre for Antiquarian Studies , Guwahati was also extremely useful – since that is where I found the excellent resource called Tarikh e Ashaam.

Apart from this , my trip to Assam, where I concentrated on visiting those places associated with Lachit Barphukan and the Mughal – Assam struggle, also helped me make by descriptions more accurate and help write a better novel. //

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